Our Dogs


Von Daily German Shepherds is a breeder of Black and Red Top German Shepherd puppies. It is our mission to breed healthy German Shepherds with sound minds and excellent temperaments. We are located in Southern CA, in the city of Alta Loma, California 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

Protection and Companion dogs: Von Daily German Shepherds is a German Shepherd Breeder selling Exceptional West German Show Lines with families and protection in mind. The West German bloodlines are bred for great attitudes and superb temperament and are not working lines that produce very high strung nervous dogs. Our pedigrees include VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll, the 2010 Sieger and Tor Di Casa Nobili a world class Italian stud. Our dogs are not just breeding dogs to us they are part of our family. Our dogs are not kenneled 24 hours a day, instead they have a little over 1/2 acre to run and play all day long and yet ready to protect our property should the need arise.

Our dogs are a part of our family and are allowed to sleep in our house and have very good house manners. Our goal is to make your experience with your German Shepherd Dog as fulfilling as ours. Our German Shepherd Dogs are carefully selected making them an exceptional Family Companion and Personal Protection dog for all ages. We are a small kennel, which allows us to give our litters the time and attention and socializing them with various situations. One of the most important times in the life of a German Shepherd puppy is the first eight weeks. As a German Shepherd Dog Breeder we know the buyer does not have control over those crucial weeks. The difference we make as breeders in the way our puppies are cared for and handled is extremely important. As German Shepherd breeders our German Shepherd puppies spend the first four weeks in our home and are handled several times a day. The next two weeks our babies are moved to an outside play area weather permitting. The final two weeks, before the German Shepherd puppies are ready for your home, they are allowed to explore our half acre  and become familiar with the elements of the outdoors, lawn mowers, various noises, our horses and real life situations. The German Shepherd puppies are also encouraged to play with balls to encourage play drive. The special care we as a small breeder give our German Shepherd puppies we feel is an advantage over large kennel owners who have no time to socialize or interact with their many litters born at once. We are not a puppy mill! Our puppies come with a written guarantee.

Show lines versus Working lines
It is very important for someone to understand the difference between show lines and working line German Shepherds because there is a vast difference. The working lines are exceptional at what they are bred to do. They have extremely high energy which makes them better for law enforcement when searching hours for a suspect or sniffing large areas for drugs. A working dog has to have something to do at all times or they will get bored. That kind of energy does not fit well for a family in a home atmosphere.

We produce a line of German Shepherds that would be naturally protective, proven to be the best generation after generation and still have the calmness to be good with children. I have found that dogs with the West German Show Lines tend to receive a top show rating of either a V or VA as the German Shepherd Dog is required to be excellent in all fields. The hips have to be certified with either an “a” stamp or OFA, excellent conformation, obedience title (BH), pass an endurance test (AD), a courage test, bite work, and tracking which results in a Schutzhund title (SchH 1, 2 or 3).

Our German Shepherd dogs are a big part of our lives, as you can see. Our dogs are not just breeding dogs to us they are part of our family. Our goal is to make your experience with your German Shepherd Dog as happy as ours.